Neleus Women’s 3 Pack Compression Athletic Tank Top for Yoga Running,Blue,Green,Rose,S

Neleus Women’s 3 Pack Compression Athletic Tank Top for Yoga Running,Blue,Green,Rose,S

Product Description
Neleus was born in 2008 ,with its unique design concept, excellent quality and comfortable clipping, has gain the crazy love from the clients.
As the most energetic brand, Neleus is committed to provide the most innovative and price-friendly sport goods.
Technological quality is the priority of the company’s products.

Neleus size is smaller than U.S size, When you receive an different Asia tag,please feel ok, it is just your size

Super scalability, If you prefer a loose fit, go up 1 size

Price: $20.89

  • Moisture Transport System sweeps away sweat and dries quickly
  • So easy to move while practicing Ashtanga,and does not matter how much you sweat
  • Stretchy fabric helps move without restrictions for a comfortable fit
  • Perfect option during various indoor activities and outdoor excursion,such like:yoga,sports,running and etc
  • If you are big muscle, get a bigger size than you normally wear on US size

FLASH SALE! 2 Professional Gliding Discs and 2 Resistance Loop Bands Bundle from Fit Viva – Lightweight Workout Equipment for Home – Ideal for Intense Abdominal and Core Exercises

Product Description

Slide and Glide Your Way to the Best Shape of Your Life!

It’s never too late to get the body of your dreams and, with this innovative home fitness equipment, it has never been easier. Consisting of 2 gliding discs for abdominal and core exercises and 2 resistance loop bands, Fit Viva Fitness Kit will help you get back in shape in no time!

Let’s Talk about Fit Viva Core Sliders!

  • Joint-friendly and versatile, they can be used for intense, low-impact workouts that will lengthen and strengthen all the major muscle groups in your body
  • Made of scratch-resistant ABS, they won’t lose the glide as long as they’re used on smooth surfaces
  • Polished with care, the plastic side slides beautifully on most carpets, while the fabric side will never scratch or damage your wood floor
  • Big enough to get most of your foot on (7″), they allow your heel to remain free to use as a brake
  • Slick and lightweight, you can take them with you anywhere for a quick on-the-go workout

How About Fit Viva Resistance Loop Bands?

  • They come in 2 varying resistance levels (medium and hard), which makes them ideal for body shaping and weight loss
  • Sturdy and durable, they won’t split or roll up mid-exercise
  • Made of soft, eco-friendly latex, they’re comfortable and soft on the skin
  • Being free of toxic materials (6P free), they won’t harm you or the environment.
  • There is no offending or chemical smell coming from them

Our Free Gift

In everything we do, we strive to help our clients live better and healthier lives. That’s why we have prepared for you an awesome bonus, the Fit Viva Exercise Ebook (valued at 7.99$) that will show you how to use your new home fitness equipment to get the best results.

Order Now and Become the Architect of Your Body!

Price: $12.99

  • No matter who you are, you deserve to be healthy and feel great in your body. Fit Viva gliding discs are ideal for abdominal and core exercises, while the resistance loop bands are great for your arms and legs. Let them help you get the body you’ve always desired!
  • If you had a recent injury or have joint pain, don’t worry. These core sliders reduce impact and protect your tendons and joints. In fact, since your hands and feet never leave the floor while exercising, they’re perfect for intense, low-impact workouts.
  • If you’re a busy person or travel a lot, but still want to look awesome in your bath suit, Fit Viva Fitness Equipment is the answer. To make things easier, it comes with a drawstring bag so you can take them with you for quick on-the-go workouts.
  • No scratching or snagging with these professional Gliding Discs that will add a fluid dimension to your workouts. Just place them with the plastic side on your carpet (or with the fabric side on your hardwood floor), and you’re good to go!
  • We are so confident in the quality of our products that we give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In the unlikely event that our fitness equipment for home is not right for you, just send it back, and we’ll promptly refund your money.