US government subcontractor leaks confidential military personnel data

US government subcontractor leaks confidential military personnel data


A Pentagon subcontractor’s systems were not secured properly. (Image: file photo)

A Pentagon subcontractor has exposed reams of highly sensitive details belonging to active military healthcare professionals online, some of which hold top-secret security clearances.

Potomac Healthcare Solutions, a subcontractor brought on board to supply healthcare professionals to the US government and military organizations through its Washington, DC.-based contractor Booz Allen Hamilton, was the source of the data leak.

Chris Vickery, lead security researcher of the MacKeeper Security Center, who found the data, told ZDNet in an email that Potomac’s own insecure server was the source of the leak.

Samples of the leaked data provided by Vickery and also reviewed by ZDNet revealed that the personal data of US military personnel was open for all eyes to see, with little in the way to prevent it from being abused.

Many of the victims involved in the data leak are part of the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM), which includes those both formerly employed by US military branches, such as the Army, Navy, and Air Force, and those presumably still on active deployment.